Export-Import Contracts & Sales agreements

Import Contracts & Sales agreements

The International Sales Contract or Agreement:

By definition, International Sales of Goods Contracts imply that the sellers and buyers are located in different countries.

This presents and obvious potential for confusion, as most commercial law is country specific, reflecting national trade practices, values and public policy. However, some general advice is possible for several reasons.
In first place, there are many similarities among the different bodies of national contract law. Some national laws are consolidating into regional law, as seen in the European Union. There is an ever-increasing trend toward international standardization, such as ISO Standards, the Harmonized System, Incoterms and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods (CISG)..
Since many countries allow their companies considerable freedom of contract, well-managed companies must have a good International Sales of Goods Contract, adapted to their characteristics and taking into account whether it is for the sale (export) or for the purchase (import) of goods in foreign markets.

We offer under Contract or Agreement

  • Preparing and Reviewing the International Sales Contract or Agreement format / Text as per United
  • Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)..
  • Preparing Offer &Acceptance for all types of goods/ services for any International Trade Transactions based on the client requirement.
  • Preparation of Pro-forma Invoice or Purchase Orderdocuments under the relevant Contract or Agreement.
  • ACS handles critical step your Contract managementand provides you the expertise advice on the Dispute handling and arbitrationunder the relevant Contract or Agreement.

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